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Nordic Sectech Summit 2023

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Nordic Sectech Summit 2023 brought together security technology and opinion leaders, industry experts, security practitioners, active duty personnel and security enthusiasts from Northern Europe and beyond.

The unifying theme is "Automating organizational security". The topic is relevant in the current situation, both locally and globally, for every entrepreneur, organization and institution, because human resources have always been limited in some way and "burn out" over time, both emotionally and professionally.

As Bill Gates once said, "The first rule of any business technology is that automation applied to efficient operations will increase efficiency. The second rule is that automation applied to inefficient operations will increase inefficiency." Therefore, in order to continue to provide quality security services, it is necessary to identify bottlenecks and possible solutions through face-to-face meetings, sharing experiences and perspectives on the current situation.

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Datums un laiks
ceturtdiena, 2023. gada 21. septembris
09:30 18:00 (Europe/Riga)

Gustava Zemgala gat. 76, Riga, Latvia

--Gustava Zemgala gat. 76, Riga, Latvia--
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+371 66 100 650

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